People's Choice Award
Shutterstock / AIGA St. Louis
Pixels of Fury Exhibition 2012: Design for Good

Senior Seminar is the final year of students’ design training at the University of Missouri–St. Louis. Students are challenged to push the limits of design boundaries with a self-directed thesis project. To find inspiration for this assignment, we were asked to do some personal reflection to find out what drives us as designers.

After several weeks of soul-searching, I found a topic that is tied to my personality and identity – T-shirts. Ever since I can remember, I have had a strong connection to this iconic piece of American fashion. I wanted to incorporate T-shirts into my Senior Thesis project, so I decided upon a social justice campaign. T-shirts have a unique ability as conveyors of graphic ideas. When a message is distilled into a visual format, it can be used on a T-shirt and has the potential to be seen by thousands. After researching five different human rights issues, I began designing T-shirts around each topic. The topics I chose to research include

  • Nuclear Disarmament

  • Child Hunger

  • Transgendered Violence

  • Knockout Kings

  • Capital Punishment

What you see below is my creative process, from conception to completion. These are the slides I used when presenting my thesis to a panel of my peers, instructors, and professionals from the St. Louis area.